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Common knowledge about yoga!

The practice effect is not obvious, and the progress is slow ? You should know these 15 common knowledge about yoga !

1. Stiff body needs to practice yoga

Is the body stiff not suitable for yoga? Stiffness is the treasure of yoga. The stiffer the person, the more suitable for practicing yoga, and the easier it is to practice yoga. If you do not practice, it is not your body that is stiff, but your mind.

2. It’s really not shameful for men to practice yoga

There is no gender requirement in yoga. Many yoga masters are basically men, and boys who practice yoga earnestly will make progress faster than girls, because the strength of the later stage of yoga is the key, and boys practicing yoga can also effectively relieve stress.

3. Old age can also practice yoga

I have published many inspirational stories about grandparents who are over 60 or 70 years old adhering to yoga. Yoga moves slowly, which is very suitable for older people to practice. For some physical problems, yoga has a certain auxiliary effect.

4. Yoga does not have to be vegetarian

Yoga diet advocates a healthy diet. There is no need to deliberately change whether to eat a vegetarian diet.

5. Yoga can be shaped

The effect of yoga sculpting is very good. The movement and breathing will make your muscles firm and slender. Those who practice yoga all the year round will have a very good-looking figure.

6. Practice not to exceed your limit

The editor found that there are just two extremes, the lazy ones are particularly lazy, and some are particularly diligent in practicing. It is recommended not to exceed the limits of your body. Every time you practice yoga, you should be comfortable, and it is best to keep regular practice.

7. When is the best time to practice yoga?

The best time is the morning. If you don’t have time, don’t force it. Evening is fine, but you can practice a gentle sequence at night so that you won’t be too excited to fall asleep.

8. Can I listen to music while practicing yoga?

Of course, it can be accompanied by quiet music to help you relax and start practicing in a better state.

9. Practicing yoga is not effective if you sweat

Some people think that sweating is effective, but in fact, it is not. In the early stages of yoga, you will sweat more easily. When your physical fitness keeps up, you will sweat less easily. The amount of sweating also has a lot to do with your physical fitness.

10. Can I practice yoga at home?

Yes, but in the early stage, it is recommended that beginners go to the yoga studio to practice for a period of time to master some basic understanding of yoga and avoid injury. In the later stage, they can practice at home without time. However, challenging difficult movements must be practiced under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.

11. It is important to choose the right yoga teacher

A good yoga teacher can make you go farther and farther on the road of yoga. It will also make you more and more interested in yoga and lead you on the right path.

12. Do not eat for one hour before and after practicing yoga

Especially when you practice some more fluid movements and twist the handstand too much, you may feel the food rolling in your throat.

13. What do beginners need to prepare when practicing yoga?

Yoga mat, comfortable yoga clothes, two yoga bricks, a yoga belt, the most important thing is to have a persevering heart.

14. Don't compare

Yoga poses are not to compare each other, but to awaken physical awareness !



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