Diatom Floor Mat

this mat is made from diatomite + rubber + cloth
Sample time is 2-3days
Custom size and color are acceptable


3D Quick Dry Rubber Shower Mat Super Anti-slip Diatom Floor Mat

Material is diatomite + rubber + cloth

Size is 50x80cm,45x70cm,40x60cm or custom size

Thickness is 2-5mm

Diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring substance created from the fossilized remains of the algae species diatom, is used to make this bath mat. Diatomaceous earth is fantastic for bath mats because of its absorbency, anti-bacterial capabilities, and anti-slip qualities.

The mat can fast dry after absorbing water from your feet, minimizing mold growth and odor. Moreover, the surface is textured, which helps both massage your feet and improve water absorption. With a gentle circular motion and machine wash, it is simple to clean.

Thicker and better constructed bathroom mat, provides comfortable experience for your feet, just like walking on the soft clouds.




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