High Quality RGB Mouse Pad For Playing Games

RGB mouse pad made from anti-slip rubber base+fabric top+USB cable
sample time is 2-4days
custom size, color and thickness


High Quality RGB Mouse Pad For Playing Games

1.Material is anti-slip rubber base+fabric top+USB cable

2.Size is 800x400x3mm or custom size

3.thickness is 3/4mm

Product features:

10 Lighting Models:

This gaming mouse pad features 10 lighting modes: includes 7 kinds of static lighting modes and 3 dynamic lighting modes, making your game or work atmosphere interesting and relaxed,can immerse you into game-or work mode. Besides it has power off memory function, remembering your last mode selection.

Extra Large Size:

Dimension of this mouse pad is 800x300x3mm,providing larger area to fit your keyboard,mouse and other desk items. Allowing an easy solution for game play, work, study and a clean desk at the same time.The softness and thickness make sure the mat can flatten on your desk and provide comfort for for your wrist after using for a long time.

Easy to Use with USB Cable:

This extended mouse pad is powered by USB, plug and play, no driver required,more convenient to connect with USB mouse and other USB device while charging. Equipped with the control button of this mouse pad, designed to switch the light colors and turn on or off,more sensitive and quicker.Press one time to change the lighting mode, press twice to change the brightness, press and hold about 3 seconds turn ON/OFF.

Premium Material for Precise Navigation:

Made of highly elastic natural rubber, this mouse mat is non-toxic and has no hazardous substances, safe for use. With smooth surface, it is extremely comfortable to mouse on, eliminates uneven surfaces, providing precise navigation and optimize your gaming or work experience.

Waterproof Surface &Non-Slip Rubber Base:

Waterproof material can prevent damage, you won't have to panic when you inevitably spill your drink. The soft and dense non-skid nature rubber base keeps this desk pad firmly in place even during the most intense gaming session. This mouse pad is light and easy to carry,easy to fold, suitable for travel.




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